Nicki Minaj Dumps Meek Mill for being Ugly


Nicki Minaj has apparently called off her relationship with Meek Mill due to Mill’s inherent ugliness.

Minaj went on to say:

I just couldn’t do it anymore. The more and more I looked at Meek, I just couldn’t imagine waking up to that in the morning. People have to understand that when a Woman stares at her man its for two reasons. It’s either Damn he so Fine or how the hell did I end up with this ugly Mo***f*ker. I’m too sexy for that you know what I’m sayin? and why he always look like he gonna cry? Looking like Magilla Gorilla got food poisoning from the Panda Express.

I know Beyonce got with Jay-Z but that’s J Hova. Meek ain’t nowhere on that level. He ain’t even worth the sacrifice because I know something about sacrifices.” I had to get with Trey I can’t be with no ugly dude I mean look at my Ex? He was Sexy too I Just can’t deal with it no more.”

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