Man Keeps Stepdaughter Chained in Basement For 1 Year

Man Arrested Stepdaughter Chained

OHIO | The stepfather and stepbrother of a 13-year-old girl were arrested on Thursday after she escaped a basement she had been chained/confined in for almost a year.

Timothy Ciboro,53, and his son Esten Ciboro, 27, were caught up-to just as they were about to abandon their home for escape, as police arrived with a search warrant to investigate the disheveled girl’s claims.

Upon discovering shackles that matched marks on the girl’s ankles, they both were arrested. The men face charges of endangering children, torture, cruel abuse and kidnapping to terrorize or inflict harm. Two other children were removed from the home.

teen chained in basement

The neighbor who received the victim said, she showed up in a condition that instantly alerted her to the severity of her story, describing the bi-racial girl as being un-kept, wearing a long sleeve shirt and over-sized skirt, and baring welts above her feet. After learning that the escapee had been regularly shackled to a basement beam, fed spoiled scraps, and been forced to urinate and defecate in a bucket filled with ammonia, the neighbor called police.

According to report, it was around 9pm when the young girl made her break, using a spare key she managed to find and hide when the two men left for a jog.

According to the victim, her mother had abandoned her to the custody of Ciboro some time ago, allegedly having headed out to re-establish herself in Las Vegas. Timothy and Esten Ciboro’s bonds were set at $500,000.

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