Snapchat Video Shows Girls Throw Rabbit Against Wall

rabbit hit wall

FLORIDA | Three teenage girls have been arrested and charged with animal cruelty after posting a Snapchat video of them throwing a rabbit against a wall.

According to medical report, the rabbit suffered a fractured leg and other minor injuries during the horribly cruel attack in Nassau County, reports the NY Daily News.

In a Snapchat clip – with the banner ‘She threw her bunny’ – shows one of the girls hurling the animal across the room and slamming it into a wall – at least three times.

A spokesperson from the Nassau County Sheriff’s office said the girls – aged between 13 and 14 – would be turned over to the Duval Juvenile Detention Centre.

The rabbit was taken to Nassau County Animal Services (NCAS) for treatment and will be offered to adopt the bunny after the its recovery.

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