“Westism” A Religion Where Kanye West Will Be Praised As God!


LOS ANGELES – Kanye West has announced that he will be beginning a new religion “Westism” and described his new religion as “made to praise the true God, me”.

Kanye West will begin a new religion, who’s main objective is to praise Kanye West himself. Kanye West is also in the process of building his own temple, in other words, church—where people can come and pray to him and worship.

Kanye West is even in the process of writing his very own bible, it will be called “The Holy Yeezus”. Kanye has 15 different writers helping him write The Holy Yeezus.

“I am a God, no doubt. That being said I feel I deserve my own religion and temple where intelligent people can come and pray to me”, said Kanye West.

According to Kanye, there will be services every Sunday morning, and he will hire a preacher to give the services. There will also be “prayer sessions” every Sunday night, where people will come and sit in booths with a audio recorder and pray to Kanye; All the prayers will then be sent to Kanye and he will listen and act upon every single prayer.

Kanye’s temple, which is currently being built in the Los Angeles metropolitan area, is estimated to be finished in October of this year.

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