Girl Sued Kylie Jenner After Her Bottom Lip Explodes


Social media has gone crazy with trending topic #KylieJennerChallenge which involves stuffing lips into a shot glass until lios are swolen. The swolen lip is supposed to look similar to Kylie’s voluptuous lips.

It is literally just sticking your lips in a bottle or shot glass, sucking in as much as possible, hold it there for ages then take it off and your lips are suddenly huge.

19 year old girl recently participated in the social media challenge. “I did it as a joke to post on instagram” says the teen. She says she put her lip inside of a Sprite bottle and “sucked air” until she felt her lips explode.

After only 30 seconds her bottom lip exploded she was rushed to a local hospital where she received 20 stitches.

After leaving the hospital she posted a picture of herself on Facebook with the caption “My attorney will be contacting you very soon Kylie Jenner”

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