National LBGT Association Wants “Caitlyn Jenner Day” As Federal Holiday!

Caitlyn Jenner Day

Bruce transformation into Caitlyn Jenner with new looks was revealed on the cover of vanity fair.

The 1976 Olympian Champion Bruce Jenner turned into a woman “Caitlyn” with long locks, soft lips, and supple breast to die for. The finished look was a result of several transgendered transformation surgeries that Bruce had to undergo to complete its transformation.

bruce on vanity fair magazine

Caitlyn is now an inspiration to many transgendered men and women, The National (LGBT) Association of America wants Congress to pass “Caitlyn Jenner Day” in honor of Caitlyn Jenner’s transformation.

It is believed that the day will celebrated as Federal Holiday and observed annually on June 1st starting from 2016. All federal institutions including banks, schools, and post offices will be closed on “Caitlyn Jenner Day”.

caitlyn jenner day - federal holidays 2016
The National (LGBT) has proposed the following changes in the calendar of national holidays 2016.

According to the National LBGT Association of America, the reasoning for the holiday is to support other transgenders during their time of need as well as commend Caitlyn Jenner for her “courageousness and bravery”. Caitlyn is a true hero in her own right. She’s opened the door for many in the LBGT community. She fought for a cause and equality.

According to reports she has been offered to be the president of the National LBGT Association of America.

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