Prison Director Suspended After Twerking In Prison For Inmates

head of prison

COLOMBIA | Claudia Patricia Giraldo Ossa, who is prison director at Villahermosa jail, was recently pictured twerking in front of hundreds of inmates at a event in the prison.

Prisoners egged her on to get on ‘stage’ and dance, to which she succumbed and showed off some erotic moves to the crowd. After pictures emerged of the twerking, Claudia is now facing a disciplinary inquiry at the jail.

She has refused to make any comments at the moment.  

head of prison dancing

prison director dancing

head of security twerking

Recently, Colombia’s new Minister of justice, Jorge Londono, revealed that there’s a state of emergency in the country’s prisons due to overcrowding.

Most of Colombia’s prisons are also having major problems with drug abuse and violence.

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