SHOCKING: Lil Boosie Confirms Gucci Mane Was Killed In Prison and Replace By Illuminati Clone


ATLANTA – While Gucci Mane was serving his prison sentence he was reportedly stabbed by a cellmate. We were told that he survived the stabbing, cellmates who want to remain anonymous are now saying he in fact died in prison after being stabbed.

Rapper Lil Boosie and B.O.B aren’t sure the Gucci Mane who was recently released form prison is indeed the real Gucci Mane they believe the man who is active on social media is indeed a clone created by the Illuminati to keep the cash flow coming in and is controlled by the Illuminati.


Rapper Lil Boosie says “That’s not the real Gucci Mane” After seeing Atlanta Welcome home Show at Mansion

This brings up further questions of course, like can they clone humans and are they cloning people. This too, doesn’t take too much research to realize of course they can and they do clone humans. They can clone them from birth or they can make synthetic clones in a matter of months. This clone that is acting as Gucci now is a total sell-out, Educated, who drinks Starbucks every morning wearing brand name shade.

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