Death Row Inmate Requests A “Kitten” as Last Meal

death row

NORTH CAROLINA | Woman who killed husband and death row inmate, Blanche Taylor, requested that her last meal be a kitten — Yes! you read it right…  “A live kitten”

Reportedly, the prison administration is required to accept all last meal demands of any kind. Thus, they will obtain a kitten from a local animal shelter or pet shop.

A prison official with the North Carolina Department of Corrections said Taylor has made one the the most shocking request, she wants to eat kitty before she is executed.

According to reports, she might be served a “cooked kitten” from a Chinese restaurant, but Taylor wants to kill the kitten herself and consume it raw.

To prevent self-harm or harm to officers, she will not be allowed any butchering knives so she will need to kill the kitten by hand.

#WTF !!!

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