Charleston Church Shooter Dylann Roof Gets Beaten Up in Prison


SOUTH CAROLINA – Dylann Roof has been reportedly beaten and s*xually assaulted in his prison cell. Reports indicates he is in serious condition.

Correction Officer; Sergeant Steve, responsible for monitoring Dylann Roof, has indicated that Roof has been beaten up and s*xually assaulted by African-American prisoners last night.

Sergeant Steve said :

Around 2 a.m. we responded to cell block 5 to investigate, after getting report of assault in Dylann Roof cell. We heard a cry come from the middle section of the tier. Officer Jackson immediately ran down to the cells located in the section to find Roof unclothed, tied to the frame of his bed and his undergarments covering his face. Medical staff was called to the tier to assess the situation.

According to medical reports Roof was beaten and s*xually assaulted based on the wounds. After examining Roof Dr. Rick Hodes, have confirmed that he was beaten and s*xually assaulted multiple times. His injuries are severe and his requires immediate surgery to repair his backside. A marking was also left on his back that read “Black Owned”

Most inmates have refused to comment however some cheered that the incident occurred. Kerry Max Cook, 44, who is serving 15 years for robbery said, “This lil bitc* a** white f*c*boy thought he could just getaway what he did, thought big of him behind a gun, well now he got a big a**hole behind bars.”

Dylann Roof made a remark to the medical staff upon his examination, “Those n**gers were so huge. I can’t believe they did this to me. I thought the white inmates would protect me but they just stood around scared.

The American prison system has been described as a “s*xual jungle,” where there are predators and prey. Experts say some prison officials quietly permit such activities as a way to control the population.

The incident is being investigated to determine who was involved.

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