Research Study Pays $1,000 Per Week To Smoke Weed

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A National Medical Research Center is currently conducting research on the effects of marijuana on the human body.

The facility, intend to put stoners under the microscope in an attempt to find out if marijuana can relieve stress while still being able to function a normal life.

IF you smoke marijuana..? and you are between 18 to 30 years old, you may qualify for a research study evaluating the effects of marijuana on the body.

Lead researcher Paul Schembr said:

This is very promising and interesting studies, that will finally reveal the answer of the age old acquisition that stoners are ‘Just Lazy’. It’s an exciting new study that may push the legality of marijuana to all 50 states.

Participants will be required to stay at the facility for two months, while doing various chores such as cleaning, reading, and watching TV, as they are evaluated by medical staff.

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Researchers are hoping to gather over 300 recruits into their facilities to begin this study. Participants will also be paid $1,000 every week for their time and body being used for medial research.


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