Powerball Jackpot Winner Dies Of Cocaine Overdose After Partying With Hookers

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Chino Hills, California – One of the three $1.5 billion Powerball jackpot winners was found dead today morning, due to cocaine overdose in his new home.

31 Year-old James Hugston was 1 of the 3 lucky winners to win the billion dollar powerball jackpot. He received an estimated $327 million lump sum. His first purchase was a multi-million dollar furnished home, where he was found unresponsive.

Rick, a close friends of James said he was trying to keep his identity a secret and was doing it well by quickly moving out his 2 bedroom apartment where he lived with his girlfriend who he broke up with on the day he won the lottery.

Apparently, James was found dead on a table with over a kilo of cocaine. His friend Rick said “James went crazy fast! First he bought this huge house then cocaine and invited over 10 h00kers to party”.

Its unclear what will happen with the remaining of his winnings. James Hugston only has 1 living family member, his 60 year old mother Melissa Hugston who has not commented on this tragic situation yet.

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