250 Pounds of Cocaine Found in Washed Up Whale in Mexico

dead whale

MEXICO – International drug smuggling operation is using whales to transit drugs across the US-Mexican border after they discovered no less than 273 pounds of cocaine inside the stomach of a washed up whale.

Large bags of cocaine washed up on the shore with a whale, which completely baffled local authorities and led to an immediate autopsy of the large sea mammal.

Mexican government in cooperation with the US Drug Enforcement Agency is currently investigating this large shipment of cocaine.


According to reports the smugglers lured the giant mammal with a dead squids as bait, as the bags of cocaine seemed to lay inside the digested remains of a squid.

“I have never seen this kind of smuggling in my career. I don’t know what these drug smugglers were thinking and expecting, but their attempt clearly failed. I believe one of those cocaine bag teared up inside the whale’s stomach and led to its own death” explains DEA officer Robert Grant.

Value of the cocaine has been estimated at $3,655,000 however, if broken down and sold, the street value is over $9.6 million.

cocaine bags
The cocaine is linked to the Gulf Cartel.

Police chief, Juan Roberto Gonzalez told a local news crew:  “It is a tragedy that smugglers / Drug cartels are using animals to do their dirty business, we hope an international investigation can prevent such incidents from happening again”.

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