$250,000 Cocaine Breast Implants Busted at Airport

caught with drugs

A 31 year-old woman was caught this morning, trying to smuggle $250,000 worth of cocaine in her newly augmented breasts.

Rosario Santos was traveling on Medical tourism, which refers to people traveling out of their home country to seek medical treatment elsewhere. Central and South America are common destinations for women looking to enhance their appearance with some plastic surgery at a discount.

According to police report, she was talked into flying down to Colombia and bringing back $250,000 worth of cocaine via her new breast implants, in exchange for a real breast augmentation and $10,000 cash.

plastic bags filled with $250,000 worth of liquid cocaine

Police officer, said that he knew there was something unusual: “The amount of time she was staying in the country for surgery and her story for being there, didn’t add up , her breast also started leaking, which prompted a secondary search via x-ray machine. It was later revealed after testing the thick milky substance that her breasts were indeed filled with $250,000 worth of liquid cocaine.”

Rosario who has dual citizenship in Colombia and in the United States and said that she was glad she got caught and wants to make things right.

Some 300 tonnes of cocaine are produced per year in Colombia, long a hub for drug production and trafficking. Officials also say that Drug Cartels are increasingly trying to set up distribution networks in Colombia.

Most Colombian cocaine that makes it to the U.S. passes through Mexico and Central America in breast implants.

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