Woman Searching Child’s Father After Night with Ohio State Buckeyes Team

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OHIO – A 26 year old cheerleader discovered she was pregnant after participating in a GangB**G with Ohio State football team, and requests paternity tests from members of the team.

Ingrid Kroutchev , a young woman was visiting family living in Ohio and decided to “celebrate” with members of Ohio’s college star football team, and now she is determined to find the identity of the child’s father, with whom she claims to have “fallen in love at first sight”.

“Even if I slept with more than a dozen of these guys, there’s only one that really touched my heart. He had beautiful eyes, I can’t remember their color, but they were really mesmerizing, I immediately knew that he was my soul mate” she admits, still visibly emotional.

By scanning the list of players of the Ohio state Buckeyes, the young women, was able to find 17 potential candidates who could be the father of the child.

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The young woman claims she has tried a number of times to come in contact with officials of the football team for several days but has not received any replies for the moment.

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