Teen Dead As Hoverboards Explodes – Fake Hoverboards Being Sold Online


Many kids and adults are seen whizzing around on two-wheeled “hoverboards”, but there are plenty of dangerous counterfeit models flooding the market.

After the mysterious death of 18 year-old, Adam Rick, who was apparently simply riding down the street in his new hoverboard when it suddenly exploded, killing him the teenager.

Authorities started investigation and were shocked by findings. Upon asking Adam’s parents, they revealed that Adam had mentioned buying the hoverboard off Aliexpress, a Chinese version of Ebay. “Everyday he would come home from school or work and ask if a package had came for him” says Lisa Rick, Adam’s mother, “I would tell him no, and he would always yell out “f*cking Aliexpress”.

Authorities discovered that the seller, named “Kabo0m”, (Believed to be a terrorist group ISIS members) was selling self-destructing Hoverboards meant to kill the riders. Soon after the discovery, the seller “Kabo0m” disappeared from Aliexpress.com without a trace.

An estimated 347 hoverboards were purchased from the seller, with about 250 of those customers believed to be in the United States. Authorities are currently trying to locate all the hoverboards.

A massive 88% of all hoverboards have faulty cables and cut off switches to plugs without fuses which can cause the futuristic devices to burst into flames when recharging.


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