Rapper Slim Jesus Killed And “Crucified”

slim rapper

OHIO – According to sources 18 year-old rapper ‘Slim Jesus’, real name Easton Phillips, has been killed in “crucifixion style” outside his Hamilton home Friday afternoon.

The rapper Slim Jesus became popular after releasing his song “Drill Time”. Dubbed the “White Cheif Keef” and the “New Eminem”.

Slim Jesus was filming a new music video in front of his home when a car drove by and fired shots. Three bullets hit Slim Jesus, killing him. Upon being killed, his friends scattered. At that point, the car came back and placed the body of Slim Jesus on a small cross, and nailed his hands and feet to the cross, very similar to how Jesus Christ was crucified.

Slim Jesus’s mother Katherine Phillips said:

“We knew this would happen, Ever since we discovered a Chief Keef CD in his little room. Ever since he came home and told me “aye mom call me slim Jesus from now on”.

Authorities are currently investigating the murder and searching for the perpetrators.

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