Bill Clinton Exposed Over Ashley Madison Account


Bill Clinton has been reportedly exposed after he admitted of being “victim of extortion” for using the services of the online cheating/dating company Ashley Madison.

In July 2015, a hacking team “The Impact Team” stole the user data of Ashley Madison, a commercial website billed as enabling extramarital affairs. The group copied personal information about the site’s user base, and then leaked users’ names and personally identifying information.

The names of prominent celebrities has surprised many, among them Bill Clinton, former President of the United States.

“Finally, this is all over! I was being Blackmailed over the fact I had opened an account, thinking it was just another social media outlet. How surprised I was to learn it was in fact an adulterous dating site” he expressed, in utter shock and surprise to reporters during a press conference.

Former president of United States is grateful that the blackmailing has ceased since hackers last week revealed the identities of 37 million users of the Ashley Madison website.

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“I guess that now that it’s out in the public, the blackmailers just gave up. You know, with all the new social media outlets that exist today: Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, it’s kind of hard for an old guy like me to keep up with the buzz. I just didn’t want this whole confusion to affect Hillary’s bid for the presidency, so I paid up” he acknowledged.

Critics of the Clintons have not taken to the news as kindly.

“If Hillary can’t even keep her husband in his own pants, how will she manage to lead a whole country?”…..“Hillary and her husband are sinners, their wicked ways and lack of morality will bring America to its ultimate destruction!”. – says Minister John Livingstone of the Westboro Baptist Church.

Sources claims that Bill have spent an estimated 130,000$ in blackmail during the past few months to keep the news a secret since the beginning of the presidential campaign.


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