Child Hospitalized After Ingesting Mold Found In GoGo SqueeZ


A 1 year old boy was hospitalized recently after he ate a “rotten GoGo SqueeZ” his mother bought for him. He ended up in the hospital with an IV due to intoxication.

The irate mother, Lourdes Fernandez, took to the GoGo SqueeZ Facebook page to voice her concerns. She reports that they have deleted her posts.

Fernandez then writes another post on their Facebook page that has now gone viral across the social media network. It reads:

“I would like to know why you deliberately took down the post I made this morning about the GoGo pouch that my one-year-old son ate. He is currently being treated in the hospital with an IV due to intoxication. All the pouches in the box were ROTTEN, all with the date of March 2015. Is this how you respond to a customers concern? By making sure you delete the post so it doesn’t continue to spread? Why do you create a Facebook page so that we can provide our feedback? Shouldn’t it be for the good or for the bad? Not everything is peaches and cream! And a good company must acknowledge that. You keep the nice and good posts. Why do you delete the ones that aren’t just as nice? I am just doing the right job by creating awareness so that parents can be more cautious before giving it to their kids.”

So if you are a parent, what would you do? Do you still plan to feed these squeezable fruit pouches to your children? Or will you share this across the Internet to warn other parents? You decide!


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