Justin Bieber to Play as Peter Parker in Spider-Man Reboot

justin as peter parker

Marvel’s Spider-Man reboot has come out with another twist in its tale. The hunt for the Perter Parker is over as Justin Bieber will be the new hero/Spider Man.

Justin Bieber recently revealed that he has read movie scripts for Marvel and DC projects, might feature in the movie as a hero.

The singer have already signed the agreement between Sony Entertainment and Marvel Studios for Amazing Spider Man 3. The part of Spider-Man will be played by none other than singer Justin Bieber.

Chief of Sony Entertainment, Kaz Hirai said:

Sony and Justin Bieber came to an agreement in which Justin Bieber will play Spider-Man for the next film. “He’s perfect for Peter Parker, he’s young, and looks like a nerd with glasses on. On top of that, he has so many fans who we expect to be buying tickets to see him in action as Spider-Man.”

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