White Women Gives Birth to Black Kid, Tells Husband It Was From Random Sperm In The Jacuzzi


When Mark Smith found out that he was about to be a father, his excitement was beyond words. When he eventually found out he was having a boy, he was even happier.

Unfortunately Mark Smith’s excitement for the birth of his firstborn son turned into confusion as they handed him an African-American baby.A nurse reported the events that occurred to a friend at the local news affiliate. And word seemed to spread like wild fire.

“What is this? What happened? Honey our son is black!” said Smith. Janice tried to look confused herself. She continued to say “I don’t know, I feel sick, I can’t answer these questions for you right now. I just had a baby”. Mark Smith responded, “Yes honey, a black baby.”

Reports state that after one hour in recovery, Janice finally remembered what happened.

“Mark, I think I know what happened. Do you remember that one day last summer when I went down to the pool? I went into the Jacuzzi to relax my aching muscles. As I was getting in, there was a black man that was getting out of the pool. He had a strange look on his face, you know, kind of guilty. I think he did something in the pool and that’s how I got pregnant. You know I don’t know any black people. That’s the only way it could have happened.”

Regardless of Janice Smith “facts”, her husband could not accept her story. They are currently awaiting their divorce, no DNA test was needed.


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