10 Year-Old Gives Birth, Thought It was Just Tummy Ache

school girl gives birth

Teachers never expected that their 10 year old student was pregnant when she complained of a tummy ache and was left stunned when she gave birth.

Teachers thought the pain the 10 year-old girl was feeling, was from eating too much candy, but when they took her to the ER, the doctors told them that she was in labor and about to deliver a baby. The girl and her family, from southeast Brazil, claim they had no idea she was pregnant.

young mother
The shocking incident took place in Belo Horizonte, after the 10 year old girl had a sore stomach and later had to be taken to hospital by one of her school teachers

After the birth the young mother revealed that she had been abused by her stepfather, who threaten to kill her mother and brother if she ever told about the abuse. The step father has been charged, who reportedly confessed the crime.

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