Kim Kardashian Gets $3,000 while Paper Magazine Makes $87 Million


Kim Kardashian was paid only $3,000 for the butt photo-shot, while Paper magazine makes $87 million for her butt photos that appeared in magazine.

$1,000  was paid up front to Kim Kardashian and $2,000 where paid after for just one day of photography. Paper Magazine formula for the payout was very simple,  $100 for every pound of ass .

Kardashian told the reporter, “I know my butt’s worth. It’s my top asset.”

Asked why she agreed to be photographed nak*d, she replied, “I’m very sad to know that all my accounts are empty, All the money i got from the ” X tape” is gone. I had almost nothing left. The body is a beautiful thing and getting paid for it is even more beautiful.”

A Paper Magazine Breaks The Internet?

Paper magazine launched in 1984 and focuses on fashion, nightlife, and other information for people in their 20s.

Co-founder and editor David Hershkovits told Yahoo News, “We may go bankrupt but it was well worth the risk. If you didn’t know of Paper magazine before, you sure do after this week. We are banking the whole business of her butt. We aspect to make more then $100 million.



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