Man Attacks Dancers With Needle Containing “AIDS Virus”

man attacks woman with hiv

Las Vegas – A 34-year-old has been arrested after he attacked on females dancers at a stripclub. Frederick Manson, arrived at the Gentlemen’s Club, yesterday in the early morning hours with $6,000. He requested dance after dance and spent nearly $6000 in three hours, according to reports.

It was around 4:30 AM he began getting “very agitated” and telling the girls that they “are cheap wh0res.” That’s when eyewitnesses say Manson retrieved several needles from his pocket and began stabbing the girls, one by one, injecting them with the fluid inside the syringe.

Reportedly, he was yelling, “Now you have AIDS!!! You cheap whores! I hate you b*tches!!” Manson injected 11 girls before he was tackled by club security guards. The police were called, and the crazed man was taken into custody.

The women were transported to University Medical Center, where they underwent disease testing. Although 8 out of the 11 test came back negative for HIV/ AIDS. The other three females did test positive for the HIV virus. However, doctors cannot conclude whether they had already contracted the disease prior to the attack or, if it was a result of the attack.

Manson, who had a previous stay in a mental hospital in June 2015, is being held at the Clark County detention Center on no bond, awaiting charges.

Toxicology reports have confirmed the syringes contained blood tainted with the AIDS virus.

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