People Are Being Offered Money To Be Injected With Ebola

volunteers for science research

LONDON – A Medical Research Center is offering £750 (per person) to inject with Ebola and try and discover a vaccine to prevent more people dying with it.

Previous trials were held by Oxford University in September, where patients were injected with a single protein from the Ebola virus to trigger an immune response.

Hammersmith Medicines Research is looking for volunteers between the ages of 18 and 65: “Interested in helping medical research into a vaccine for Ebola and being paid for your help?”

Researchers hope that this new research will help prevent people becoming infected with the disease in the future. The Ebola virus is among the most lethal diseases known to man and since February 2014, almost 28,000 people across Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia have been infected- 11,000 died.

So if you are a healthy volunteer who would like to help science and man-kind for £750, kindly contact the Hammersmith Medicines Research-London.

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