Drake Arrested After Being Caught With A 16-Year-Old in Hotel Room

drake arrested

Toronto, Ontario – It has been reported that Drake was arrested earlier today, he was caught with a 16 year-old girl in a hotel room doing the nasty.

Aubrey Drake Graham, 28 year-old, known as Drake who records under the mononym Drake, is a Canadian rapper, songwriter, record producer, and actor.

Drake was arrested Wednesday morning after police received reports that Drake had checked into a hotel room with a 16 year old girl.

Jessica Kambill, a witness who was staying next door to Drakes hotel suite said :

I heard screams very loud what appeared to be moans and shouting. I thought better call cops.

drake hotel room

The police arrived shortly after being called and without hesitation, busted in Drakes room. According to authorities, Drake was indeed caught in the middle of ACT with with the 16 year old girl. Drake began to cry as he was being handcuffed while saying “This isn’t the real me guys”.

Authorities also reported that Drake was crying to whole ride to the police station, all while singing his saddest songs. Officers admitted that they were very close to just releasing Drake because he really touched their hearts, however, the officers stayed strong and escorted Drake to the police station successfully.

Drake will appear before a judge later this week and will most likely pay a fine of about $50,000. We will update you as the story develops.

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