White Police Officer Shooting A Man Then Planting Evidence


I don’t want to throw a race card in, or even mention it beyond it being a fact, but white police officer Michael T. Slager shot an unarmed black man, Walter L. Scott. EIGHT times in North Charleston, South Carolina.

The victim can be seen running away, when the officer opens fire on him. Slager claimed that the man took his taser during a scuffle, which later turned out to be false, as you can see him planting evidence on the victim after he has been killed.

The incident started when Slager pulled over Scott in his car, but Scott tried to flee the scene. Police reports claim that the officer first used his taser on the victim, but that did not stop him as he continued to try and flee.

Just after the incident, Michael Slager called it in, saying:

Shots fired and the subject is down. He took my Taser.

Watch the video for yourself. Be warned it is uncomfortable viewing.

What happened is terrible, but at least this time there is video proof, and the culprit is being charged. Let’s just hope that justice is appropriately served.

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