Young Man Arrested for Drinking and Riding Hoverboard Dies in Jail

The Black Lives Matter Foundation aka BLMF is investigating the suspicious death of young back 21-year-old man, Walter White who has died in the jail.


Reportedly, Mr. White was approached by police officer, Andrew Brown and asked to take a breathalyzer. Mr White was riding his Hoverboard erratically and allegedly heavily intoxicated.


Officer Brown claimed he smelled very strong alcohol on him, so he was taken into custody for operating a motor vehicle under the influence. He was placed in a jail cell to sober up but was found unresponsive in the morning and was pronounced dead at 6:00am.

BLMF has launched a campaign to investigate the suspicious death or a young black man, and plans to protest outside white house. Bruce Lane, spokesperson for the organization released a statement.

“We think it is ridiculous that a black man dies yet again in police custody, and this sends a terrible message to our kids that you can’t even ride a hoveboard, we want justice”

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