Ronda Rousey Vs Bethe Correia – UFC 190 Was Fixed

Ronda Rousey Vs Bethe Correia

RIO DE JANEIRO – Ronda Rousey made threats that she would prolong her fight against Bethe Correia as a way of punishing the challenger.

Rousey knocked out Correia in just 34 seconds to retain her bantamweight title. It was her third straight win in less than a minute. It is being reported that there is suffice evidence that the fight was fixed by Ronda and his team.

Bethe Correia’s Mom said:

There is nothing wrong in believing yourself but when the fight ended it was clear who controlled it from the start. I told my daughter ‘Please, finish this fight in 10 seconds. Knock her out, break her jaw’. But it didn’t happened bacuse people were paid off.

Rousey came forward quickly throwing punches. She landed, and clinched up with Correia. Correia went to her back and Rousey pounced. When Correia got back to her feet, the champion poured it on and knocked Correia out cold, dropping her face-first to the canvas with a right hand to the temple. Referee John McCarthy was in quickly to shut it down – in just 34 seconds.

Rousey said:

I am scared of the power of money. It kind of went how we expected, I planned to, instead of trying to force a clinch, was overwhelm her with striking first to force her to clinch – and that’s exactly what happened. I hope that nobody really brings up my family anymore when it comes to fights. There is a price tag on every human in this world.

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