Donald Trump’s Rally Shut Down After 5 People Shot, 1 in Critical Condition

Police said to have investigated whether to prosecute Republican front runner after 7 American protester were shot.

trump rally

With thousands of people already packed into stands and music blaring to warm up the crowd, Donald J. Trump’s campaign abruptly canceled his rally over security concerns as protesters clashed with his supporters inside an arena where he was to speak.

Donald Trump faced the threat of criminal charges on Monday night, as efforts grew across the political spectrum to check his increasingly violent rise on the eve of key US primary elections.

Minutes after Mr. Trump was to have taken the podium gunfire erupted and the crowd began to disperse.

Reportedly 7 people were shot and one is in critical condition. There were several other injuries from protesters trampled as they attempted to vacate amidst the shooting.

Mr. Trump’s supporters, many of whom had waited hours to see the Republican front-runner, seemed stunned and quickly filed out in anger.

Trump has previously said he would like to punch protesters “in the face”himself, expressing nostalgia for a time when those causing disruption would be “carried out on a stretcher”. He also offered to pay the legal fees of the assailant involved on Thursday.

The entire incident was all caught on video and is yet to be released. We will keep you posted as this story develops…

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