Man Goes Insane After Receiving “Evil Blood’ From Blood Transfusion


CHICAGO – A hospital was under lockdown after a man stabbed 5 patients while receiving treatment. 38 year-old Kenny Winston, arrived at University of Chicago Medical Center to receive a blood transfusion early Monday morning. According to police, Winston claims he “knows for a fact he received blood from someone who worships Satan” after Winston says his mind went fuzzy and he heard a voice saying ‘kill them all.’

Winston was nearly finished with his blood transfusion when all of a sudden he claims he “saw the devil.” That’s when the man grabbed a pair of scissors that were in the room and stabbed five of the hospital’s patients.

“He had a crazy look in his eyes, kind of like they were glossed over and he wasn’t fully there,” said Sandy Cruz, the nurse on duty. “I mean, at first he seemed fine. But towards the end of his transfusion he seemed not right at all. That’s when he yanked the IV out of his arm, grab some scissors and started stabbing people. It was awful!”

Winston was subdued by several people and quickly tranquilized by doctors. He was transported to Chicago-Read Mental Hospital where he is undergoing mental evaluation. Winston is claiming to everyone that “the devil made him do it.”

The 5 people who were stabbed, all under stable condition. Doctors at the hospital say they have never had any patients go crazy from “tainted devil blood.” Doctors insist that all blood used in transfusion undergo high levels of testing and is safe for use in anyone who needs it.

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