Cops Stood & Watched Girls Die Instead of Trying to Rescue Drowning Girls

teenagers drown pond

St. Petersburg, Fl | Last month a Pinellas County Sheriff praised his deputies for trying to save the lives of three teenage girls from drowning after they accidentally drove a car into a pond during pursuit.

Apparently, 35 year old Damien Marriott was driving the teenage girls to Child’s Park that Wednesday night. When Marriott stopped at Walmart, the three young girls took off in his 1990 Honda Accord. Few hours later, deputies caught the Honda running a red light with the headlights turned off, as deputies chased them, the girls accidentally drove into a pond.

Here is where things take a turn…

The next morning during a conference, Sheriff Bob, applauded his deputies for coming out of their gun belts, running into the muddy water trying to save the dying teen’s lives, but newly released dash cam footage shows otherwise…

The video shows the cops exiting their car, standing on the shore, hearing the teenager’s screams, but doing nothing else. There was no attempts or running in the pond to rescue the young girls, while the car submerged into the swamp.

In the video, one officer can be heard saying, “I hear them yelling, I think!” Once the screams came to a complete halt, one officer responded, “They are done. They are 6-7 dude.”

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