CHICAGO: Protests After Cops Shoots 16-Year-Old and “High Five” Each Other

People are outrageous after police shot and killed a teenage boy.

According to Police, the 16-year-old Loury pointed a weapon at the officer and that is when he was shot. But a witness claims he saw officers “high five” each other after the teen was shot.

In Homan Square on Monday night, police pulled over a car that was connected to an earlier shooting. Police say Pierre Loury jumped out and an officer chased him.

And now, protesters are demanding justice. A group held a vigil at the scene of the shooting and then marched onto the Eisenhower.

The facts of this case are still far from clear, there are those on the side of Loury who claim this was not a justified shooting. Several hundred people marched down the alley to the spot where Loury was shot and killed as he ran from a police stop a block away.

“We do believe that this individual turned and pointed the handgun at the officer the handgun was recovered at the scene where the young man was shot,” said 1st Deputy Supt. John Escalante.

Loury’s mother, overcome with emotion, joined the vigil as supporters chanted against police and in support of Loury.

“They gunned down one of our brothers, they executed him. 16 years old. 16 years old. He should be here right now,” one person said at the vigil.

Police say Loury was a documented gang member. He posted a picture of himself holding a handgun on his Facebook page.

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