Policeman Let Woman Off Ticket In Return For Kiss

kissing in public

A short video clips has gone viral showing a police officer allegedly let a woman off a traffic fine – in return for a kiss.

According to the Daily Mail, it happened in Puebla, Mexico – The incident was caught on camera by a local resident who spotted the policeman pull over the red sports car.

The guy who captured the video said that he began kissing after the woman asked the officer – with dialogue that could’ve been lifted straight from a budget porno – how she could ‘fix things’ to which he replied ‘however you want’.

Watch the video here:

After the kiss, the woman returns to her car and the police officer starts walking away, however local reports claim the pair arranged to meet up afterwards in a nearby shop.

Local governors have confirmed that an investigation is underway, saying in a statement:

One critic who shared it with friends on Twitter said: “This police officer just got a bit too affectionate and collected the fine in kind.” Another added: “This is how corruption works in times of economic crisis. You pay with your body.”

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