Donald Trump Changes Hair Style To “Appeal More To Blacks and Win Their Votes”

donald for white house

WASHINGTON D.C – Donald Trump has made a dramatic change to his hairstyle. Trump was spotted with the classic “musty palm tree” hairstyle, made famous by artist Jean-Michel Basquiat, Rapper Murs, and the more recent R&B singer The Weeknd.

A very shocking transformation for the presidential candidate. What exactly is the reason for his hair change?

Upon being asked the reason for his hair change, Donald Trump responded with: “Well first of all, my previous hair style was absolutely dreadful. I actually wouldn’t even call it a hairstyle. But, anyways, this new musty palm tree cut will for sure bring me to president. I noticed how much people loved that Weeknd guy, especially blacks. And then it hit me. With a haircut like the Weeknd, I can appeal more to blacks, and ultimately win their votes”.

Donald Trump also mentioned how he was planning to expand his campaign by learning how to play basketball and even drinking lean, because according to trump, “You must win a group of people by relating to them.”

We cannot wait to see Donald Trump on live television with his new musty palm tree cut. We would also love to hear what the Weeknd thinks about Trump’s hair change.

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