Caitlyn Jenner No Longer Feels Like A Woman; Wants To Be Called Bruce Jenner Again


Bruce Jenner AKA Caitlyn Jenner is making headlines again. According to sources Jenner have disclosed that she’s now having doubts whether she’s really a woman and is in the process of asking everyone to call her Bruce again.

Jenner claims: “After lots of soul searching, I am certain about this decision.”

Bruce Jenner made national headlines when he revealed that he was going through a gender transition. Jenner’s announcement was a huge victory for the LGBT community that was lacking a high profile celebrity.
Jenner, is a retired professional athlete who won the men’s decathlon at the 1976 Olympics and a member of the notorious Kardashian family.
bruce jenner
Coming out as LGBT is definitely a courageous but nerve wrecking experience which enables a person to live a more authentic life. Let’s hope that this is a final decision for Bruce and that he’s completely comfortable with himself now.
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