Kylie Jenner Sued For “Black Girl Looks” By African American Girls


MEXICO – Tyga and Kylie was having fun and romance until things got serious. They took off to their resort get away in Mexico – well that didn’t go so well. African American Girls REALLY Pissed Off and sued Kylie Jenner for her new Look ‘Black Girl’

Kylie Jenner met a well-known plastic surgeon who specializes in skin darkening procedures. Dr. George Allan of Evolution Plastic Surgery Center, who claims to be the only doctor that performs this procedure and is said to have done several Hollywood celebrities to permanently enhance a more bronze skin tone.

The procedure works by increasing hyper-pigmentation via laser. The laser causes increased production of melanin, which is the natural substance responsible for giving the skin it’s color (pigment). When melanin levels are elevated, pigmentation changes occur that cause the skin to darken.

Natasha Brown, 24, an African American girl has sued Kylie Jenner for being racist after Kylie got her skin tone darkened. She also claims that when she approached Kylie for an autograph, Kylie greeted her saying “Hola N*****”.  The suit’s allegations, includes discrimination; harassment and retaliation based on race and national origin. She is suing Kylie Jenner for $100 million for racial discrimination.

Dr. George who darkened Kylie’s skin is refusing to treat Kylie for a reversal stating, “If she didn’t listen to my orders then, she will not listen to them now. I will not waste my time. ”

This photo was captured on an outing on Sunday in Los Angeles. But her friends say she has kept herself in hiding, embarrassed of her appearance. By the looks of this picture, her embarrassment is definitely justified!


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