7 Dead After Drinking Jack Daniel’s Whiskey Filled With Urine


TENNESSEE – Seven people have died of alcohol poisoning after drinking counterfeit Jack Daniel’s Whiskey that contained the highly toxic “Human Urine” reported, citing sources from the regional Investigative Committee.

Police have established that all the victims had bought counterfeit/fake Jack Daniel’s online, “for an inadequately low price.” More than 20 affected people had been hospitalized in total, of whom five were in a serious condition.

Nicholas Stewart, 35 year-old man was detained today on suspicion of selling the fake whiskey, online from a car repair shop. Reportedly he was selling fake bottles of Jack Daniels and Smirnoff vodka online for $15 a bottle. The real story here, however, is that the bottles contained only 10% alcohol in them and according to a lab analysis, 90% they contained water laced with urine.

Nicholas Stewart admitted to the crime and pleaded guilty to fraud, but in doing so will serve no time behind bars.

“Criminal groups operating in the country, which are dealing in this deathly business and are perfectly aware of its consequences.” says spokesman for health ministry and referred to alcohol as “the leading cause of homicide” in the country.

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