Fetty Wap Reveals The Reason He Only Has One Eye

Fetty Wap has revealed how he lost one of his eyes and no he didn’t give it to the Illuminati in exchange for fame and success.

Fetty wap-1738
1738 = 5:38 military ⌚️
Fetty = 5
Wap = 3
5 + 3 = 8
Matthews 5:38 = Eye for an Eye.
Fetty gave his eye for fame. Illuminati.

one eye rapper

Fans of the ‘Trap Queen’ rapper have always been quite confused about how he lost his eye. Some have claimed it was taken out in a tragic vaping accident and others question whether he’s lost an eye at all.

the new rapper

During an interview, the 24-year-old confirmed he had congenital glaucoma in both eyes when he was a child. Despite doctors’ best efforts, they could only save one eye.

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