Donald Trump Wants To “Treat and Track All Muslims Differently”

Donald Trump says he “would implement” a system that would track all Muslims in the U.S, and claims “All Muslims should be treated differently”.

Trump has been making continuous waves with what some consider derogatory rally speeches, statements to the press and tweets about Muslims, fellow Republican candidates, journalists and celebrities.

tweet about muslims
Mr. Trump tweeted: “Muslims should be treated differently.” . The tweet was deleted within 5 minutes.

According to reports, Trump is developing a plan that, if elected, would track all Muslims in Unites States of America, not just Muslim refugees, the same as offenders, but with even stricter rules and limitations of freedom.

The Trump plan would look like this:

Supervision: Muslims must remain within specified geographic boundaries and report to a Compliance Officer once a month.

Registration: Muslims are required by law to register and required to wear a mandatory ID badge and microchip for tracking.

Living arrangements: Community  Compliance officers will make random home inspections to check for weapons, bombs or signs of plotting terror attacks. Muslims will not be allowed access to personal computers, including Smartphones. If Community Compliance officers permit access to computers, they will have blocks that prevent access to specific sites. Muslims will, if allowed a computer, let Community Compliance officers inspect every file and browsing history at any time.

Treatment: Muslims must have regular counseling to help detect and cure any radicalized thinking. Muslims will be required to take sedating medication to ensure placidity.

Entertainment: Muslims will not be allowed into public entertainment facilities such as concert halls, sports stadiums or movie theaters outside their designated geographical communities.

Weapons: Muslims may not own, use or possess firearms or ammunition.

Taxation: Muslims will pay greater taxes, those funds going to American families directly affected by Islamic terrorism.

Since the attacks by ISIS, Trump’s taken advantage of the growing distrust of Islam in the U.S. to promote his own presidential campaign, making a number of absurd claims against Muslims .

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