Steve Harvey’s Viral Clip When He Didn’t Know He’s Been Recorded

Steve Harvey is the most famous comedians in the U.S. since hosting the game show “Family Feud” in 2010. But recently, his popularity rocketed drastically after his controversial hosting error in the recent Ms Universe pageant. NOW, he had become the talk of the town, not because of another error, but due to his inspirational speech which has gone viral.


Apparently, Steve actually interacts with his audience at the end of every “Family Feud” episode. However, there’s one particular event when he started talking to the viewers, he didn’t know that the cameras were rolling.

The unaired clip has gone viral. Steve was giving an inspirational speech on “how to become successful.” He explains that you need to “jump” in order to be successful in life, which is something that all successful people have done.

He also talks about the role of God behind every human success. He explains that everyone of us has a God-given gift and all we need to do is take the risk and jump.

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