Trailer Park Barbie To Be Released This Year


It has been reported that Mattel will be releasing the Trailer Park Barbie collection later on this year. This new collection will resemble the current Barbie,  will include clothing that is 3 sizes too small, a Walmart shopping bag, unwashed children from different fathers, half eaten cheeseburger and an insulin syringe.

The other option includes a smaller framed unwed, pregnant Barbie in a half shirt.

The accessories will include a small rusted trailer with hitch attached, a nine month old baby held at her hip, cigarette, large hoop earrings and a miniskirt.
Walmart, Toys “R” Us, Kmart and Target have already placed their orders in preparation to have their shelves stocked with the Trailer Park Barbie collection for this release date.

Company president Mark Young commented, “We have been getting so many complaints about Barbie harming children’s body images and not representing the true culture of America. We wanted to provide an alternative Barbie to show that people come in all shapes, sizes and backgrounds. We believe this new model symbolizes that fact.”

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