Walmart’s “Meat” Isn’t “fresh” Meat – Its Chemically Enhanced

walmart meat

The meat Walmart sells has never been “standard or good quality meat” and but most people have to go for the “Low price Leader”.

There have been many complaints reported by meat consumers about the looks and taste the meat they bought from Walmart.

I complained to Walmart because the meat (ground round) was red on the outside but brown on the inside..

I was shocked when the butcher came out and told me it was because Walmart made them put dye into the meat to make it look better in the package – says Jenny Hawkins, who came to complain at Walmart.

Another consumer had a different complaint…

I found very small pieces of bones crushed into my ground beef, this never happened before!

She was replied “Walmart collects beef from many sources and bi-products like the liver, kidneys, brain, tripe or tongue. Walmart also uses meat recovery systems to salvage meat from bones. Then grind up the mixtures and seal the ground beef in vacuum-packed containers. I believe small bones have been crushed/grinded in your ground beef”

With these shocking complaints and information you have to think twice before next time you decide to buy meat at Walmart.

The machine uses small needles to inject meat with chemicals.
The machine uses small needles to inject meat with chemicals.

Recently it was reported by a research laboratory that the meat isn’t really meat at all (Specially the beef), it’s actually chemically enhanced pork.

Enhanced meat can be defined as, meat that has been injected with a solution of chemicals and ingredients that may include salt, phosphates, antioxidants, and flavorings. These chemicals are injected into meat with a machine in a form of liquid solution.

meat injecting
Before and After the meat gets chemically enhanced by injecting machines.

Many Companies are trending toward enhanced meats, and they do not let the public know how much of what they’re eating is actually meat.

FDA don’t require restaurants to disclose such information and this may explain the revelation about Walmart.

A woman in Louisiana got food poisoning after she ate beef, research laboratories tested some beef that was used. It was revealed through the microbiological process that the “beef” was actually treated with a chemical to give it the same color as beef and remove the pork flavor.

The beef extract had traces of chemicals that are known to cause poisoning, deformity and cancer in higher doses.

Beef is about twice the price of pork, so it only makes sense that a grocery chain that is motivated by profits, would try to make capital in any way possible.

It’s not sure how long the meat supplier has been doing this, because companies don’t disclose where their meat comes from.

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