Shoplifting Incident – Cookie Dough Can Explodes In Woman’s Vagina

woman caught

A 34-year-old mother of 3 is now under arrest after a shoplifting incident turned tragic. Witnesses say Shantee Brown entered the North Carolina Walmart on Sunday with her three children ages 5, 7, and 8 when she grabbed a can of pre-made Christmas cookie dough.

CCTV footage shows the young mother take the can to the toy aisle as her children crowded around her. Brown then lifted up her skirt and made the can of cookie dough “disappear.”

cookie can

When Brown was approached by Walmart security, she told her children to go find their Aunt in the front of the store. “I told her to hand over the cookie dough,” said Timothy Reiner, a security guard at Walmart. “That’s when she turned around to run and I grabbed her by the arm. She put up a good fight, and that’s when I tackled her to the ground. Then I heard a loud pop and the lady started screaming. Gooey cookie dough was running down her leg. All hot and runny… it was so damn gross.”

According to eyewitnesses, the EMT that treated Brown on the scene said the Pillsbury cookie dough can exploded in Brown’s vagina during the fall causing her extreme pain. They removed the contents at the scene. The woman was treated then released into the custody of Greenville police. Brown did not suffer any serious injuries and is being held at the county jail on a $2000 bond. Her children were placed with family members.

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