The New American Flag – U.S. Citizens Sign Petition For Rainbow Flag

new american flag

The rainbow flag, commonly the gay pride flag and LGBT pride flag, is a symbol of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) pride and LGBT social movements. The flag is used as a symbol of gay pride and is now used worldwide.

The US Supreme Court has ruled that same-sex marriage is a legal right across the United States. The ruling brings to an end more than a decade of bitter legal battles.

new flag
The Confederate flag was torn from its pole by an activist less than 24 hours after the president sang Amazing Grace.

A cartoon in five panels, side-by-side, shows a Confederate flag lowered as a rainbow flag is raised. On the surface, the image appears to capture the intense battles oppressed groups have overcome in recent days, marking a celebratory victory for all. In reality, that is far from the case.

President Barack Obama said :

The ruling was a victory for America. When all Americans are treated as equal, we are all more free.

According to recent reports more than 10,000 people have signed a petition to change American flag to rainbow flag.

new american flag
The New American Flag – The Rainbow Flag

“A lot of people are offended by the American flag, I’ll sign this shiyyt man. I support the new American flag for the new world order. We’re gonna put up a new American flag over the capital to signify the new world order” says Desmond Balim an individual who signed a petition.

With many supporters of flying the Confederate flag in retreat or temporarily in hiding, now would be a fitting time for Congress to right an egregious, 150 year-old wrong. That’s where the American Flag Protection Act (AFPA) of 2015 comes in. AFPA would ban federal, state and local governments, as well as any organization receiving federal funds, from flying a Confederate banner from any building, site or facility.

Under AFPA’s “Posthumous Amnesty” provisions, all Confederate soldiers are pardoned for their treason against the United States, an act of compassionate forgiveness to be marked by the display of the Star-Spangled Banner alone over their graves. And for those who still sing from the states’ rights hymnal, the American Flag Protection Act operates no differently than the expansion of Medicaid under Obamacare. States can always show their CSA flags with pride by choosing to opt-out of federal funding.

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