Woman Emasculates Cheating Husband with her Teeth

wife caught husband cheating

Missouri | A 39-year old woman was arrested this morning, after she tore off her husband’s genitals with her own teeth as an act of vengeance for an alleged infidelity.

During the interrogation by the St. Louis Police Department, Christina Anderson confessed that she had been planning her crime since she found out her husband been cheating on her.

Reportedly, she finally put her plan into action this morning, and began by tighing her husband’s hand and feet to their bed, pretending to pleasure him in morning …by head…

In an astonishing feat of jaw strength, she then cut through her husband’s genitals with her teeth, tearing his penis and testicles from his body. She then left him there, severely bleeding.

The victim, 47-year old John Maurice Anderson, was fortunately able to untie himself and call 911, before he finally lost consciousness. The police and paramedics arrived a few minutes later, and arrested Ms. Anderson and transported her husband to the Saint Louis University Hospital

“When the officers arrived on the site, the victim was unconscious and covered with blood,” police chief Jon Dauglus told reporters. “The accused was sitting on a couch, smoking cigarette with her face and clothes full of blood. She immediately confessed to castrating her husband, screaming “I bit his d**k off!” over and over again”

Police chief, described the crime as “one of the most horrific he as seen in his career”.

Christina Anderson is now facing charges of first degree domestic assault and attempted manslaughter. However, she will have to undergo a complete psychiatric evaluation before her trial can begin.

Her husband will remain hospitalized for at least a week, but the damage done to his genitals is permanent and will necessitate some serious reconstructive surgery.

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