Doctors Offering ‘Gay Gene’ To Same Sex Couples Wanting Gay Children

gay gene
CHICAGO – Gay couples who wish to become parents and have a child that is biologically related is now possible With Latest Reproductive Technology “Gay Gene”.

“When straight couples have children, the majority of them want their children to be straight as well. That is why most straight parents have trouble accepting it when their children announce to them that they are gay,” says  Dr. William Strider at the Fertility Center of Chicago.  “So it only makes sense that same-sex couples would want children that carried out their same family values of homosexuality.”

After more than 20 years of study and research, the molecular biologist, Dean Hamer, offered the first direct evidence of a “gay gene”, by identifying a stretch on the X chromosome that was likely associated with homosexuality.Now, that gene is being used to help same-sex couples reach their dream of having children like themselves.

We are at best a nation divided on the concept of choice. And the opportunity to re-engineer your baby genetically is taking on a whole new meaning.

It is called Human Germline Manipulation and it allows you to genetically engineer your baby by altering the sperm and ovum with the “gay” X chromosome gene during surrogate conception.  This is where same sex couples would be able to change their straight baby into a homosexual baby and guarantee their same family values and acceptance throughout the next generation.

While this type of gene altering, baby-making technology may seem quite controversial, many same-sex couples are now making this an option.  Most couples say the price tag is reasonable coming in between $12,000 and $15,000.

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