Teen Cured of Homosexuality By Hypnotherapy Session is Now “Brain dead”

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Knoxville, Tennessee | Parents of a 16-year-old boy who had successfully undergone a controversial hypnotherapy treatment to ‘cure’ himself from hypnotherapy are suing the hypnotherapist after the teenager has allegedly lost most of his memory and cannot even remember his own name.

The hypnotherapy treatment seemed to function at first, as the young man Alexander Coulter started to show signs of being cured, but his parents later noticed a prominent deterioration of his mental capacities in the days after the session.

“My son is like a zombie, it’s like he is half brain dead” explains the mom, visibly dishearten and shattered by the latest events.

“I’m divided between having a gay son who will burn in Hell for eternity for his sinful ways and a brain dead son who will go to heaven,” she told local reporters in tears.

Hypnotherapist Barry Hilton denies any wrong doing on his part as he is being sued for $2 Million after his controversial hypnotherapy session turned a gay teenager into a “brain dead” heterosexual, claim family members.

Dr. Hilton claims he has successfully completed his treatment with the teenager that is in a transitional phase and awakening to his true ‘Christian’ identity.

“They asked me to cure him from his sins, to get rid of his sinful urges and that is what I did,” explained the Mr. Hilton when joined on the phone. “Of course he has to deal with his new personality. Purging yourself from your demons doesn’t happen in a day or so, it is a long process. God has given him a second chance, getting rid of one’s own demons is not a faint task. If his parents cannot deal with this harsh reality, don’t blame me, blame God,” he told reporters. “God acts through me, I am only his humble servant,” he concluded.

Dr. Allan Gates from the University of Tennessee’s believes the young man has fallen prey to some sort of brainwashing.

“I am not aware of any known clinical studies on the impact of hypnotherapy towards sexual orientation, I believe the hypnotherapist has attempted to completely destroy the individuals previous identity and, in a clean swipe, as if he was reprograming a computer from nothing, introduced new ‘heterosexual’ and ‘Christian morals’ as standards for the reconstruction of his ‘newly improved’ and ‘sinless’ personality,” he explained. “If this is the case, it is ultimately extremely dangerous and illegal to operate such experimental activities on a patient’s brain,” he warned.

A recent clinical study conducted by the Russian Society of Psychiatrists shows that the treatment of homosexuals with hypnosis may produce more satisfactory results than those obtainable by other means.

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