Chipotle “Guac” have Harmful Chemicals



DENVER – The “Guac” from the popular Chipotle Mexican Grill food chains, is being discontinued in a few weeks after having been discovered to include hazardous chemicals.

The Guac would be considered one of Chipotle’s most popular products and usually requires customers to pay extra money for Guac in their meal. After FDA inspectors arrived to the conclusion that the Guac was too harmful to continue to be sold by Chipotle after the Guac failed multiple tests yesterday.

The production and sale will completely stop in approximately one week. Inspectors say the Guac could’ve caused consumers to get the flu, liver problems, and even cancer. Health officials say body health could have greatly decreased over the next few years for people who eat Chipotle guacamole.

“It’s unacceptable” says FDA inspector, “Chipotle cannot be feeding its customers guacamole with highly harmful chemicals; for now, the FDA will force the discontinue of the Guac product until Choipotle changes the Guac’s ingredients to be less harmful”.

Source : Huzlers

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