Dramatic Leopard Attack [Warning: Graphic Content]

Leopards are beautiful but incredibly dangerous.

big cat attack

In this shocking video a leopard had been contained for killing farm animals and causing worry to the local villagers. The wild cat was then moved to safer territory in deep forest but in the release of the giant cat, one man made a fatal mistake.

With the expectations that leopard would leave when released, those involved were in for a surprise. With the cage open and the leopard free to escape, the leopard stayed stationary. Things took a turn for the worst when trying to motivate the leopard, a ranger began poking a stick at the cage.

Bearing thirty-two knife-like teeth, it becomes clear that the leopard is not happy and is vengefully growing more irritated. Leaving the cage, the leopard does take the path of freedom but instead revenge.

Known for their speed, the leopard quickly spins around the side of the cage and lunges at the truck window. The ranger inside, panics to roll up the window as the leopard bears its sharp claws but by accident lowers it instead.

The leopard successfully leaps into the window furiously swiping her eighteen razor-sharp talons. With the man struggling to fight off the animal. The leopard bites the ranger’s hand. Luckily, with one well-timed kick, the ranger manages to send the leopard out of the vehicle with enough time to close the window.

The leopard heads leaving the ranger incredibly wounded. It took twenty one stitches to close the ranger’s wounds. The attack shows just how vicious a provoked leopard can be.

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